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Camp Elysium will be a retreat camp based around supporting families and young people who are going through a difficult time. It will be focused around eco-therapy -using the great outdoors and going back to basics away from the stresses of 9-5 and our busy, hectic lives. Families and young people will have the opportunity to build shelters, learn and practise bush craft, camping, participate in organised walks in the great British natural parks and peaks (catered for different fitness levels and family friendly), and create and produce artwork and crafts using the natural resources around us.


Regardless of the activity, safeguarding will be paramount. The aim will be to create a safe and comfortable environment where people can learn and practise how to connect properly with nature and develop an understanding of themselves and others - as an individual, as a family and as a community. 

Camp Elysium: Heaven on Earth is a Safe Haven going back to the basics of life.

​To support all of this John is currently doing a number of challenges and events to raise funds in order to set up Camp Elysium. This will, in turn, support families and young people struggling through trauma, grief and every day troubles that can make us feel detached from the so called 'norm'.